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Manual vs. Automatic: Sampling in the Dairy Industry

Posted by Israel Gamboa on 8/3/20 8:00 AM

In the dairy industry, it’s critical to safeguard product quality and safety, while maintaining proper custody transfers of milk and milk products. Automatic sampling is an important part of ensuring that each dairy manufacturer is providing true representation and adhering to product quality and safety standards.

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Solids & Powder, Liquid & Slurry

Why Should You Sample in Cogeneration Plants?

Posted by John Powalisz on 7/27/20 8:00 AM

Combined steam and power facilities, also known as cogeneration plants, use heat recovery steam generators or traditional boilers to provide both high-quality steam and electric power from one fuel source. With natural gas achieving about 30-40% efficiency for power only, creating and sampling your process steam enables combined cycle cogeneration plants to operate at efficiencies between 65-90%.

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Topics: Power, Steam & Water

Match the Right Heat Exchanger to Your Application

Posted by John Powalisz on 7/20/20 8:00 AM

Many industrial processes require the addition or removal of heat and heat exchangers are often used to do this. There are many heat exchange applications within processing plants such a process heating and cooling, vapor condensing to sample conditioning. Ensure you are meeting your application needs by selecting the right specialty heat exchanger. 

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Common Sampling Programs for Hydrocarbon Processing [Infographic]

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 7/13/20 8:00 AM

Establishing a sampling program for all types of refining processes in hydrocarbon processing plants requires special considerations for successful and safe operations. The high-temperature and high-pressure applications found in hydrocarbon processing also add a degree of complexity to ensure samples are representative and the operator drawing the sample is protected.

Make sure you are maintaining true representative sampling with a properly designed and placed hydrocarbon sampling program. 

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Topics: Hydrocarbon Processing

Employee-Owner Profiles - Rick Gierke

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 7/9/20 8:00 AM

When Rick Gierke applied to Sentry Equipment, he didn’t realize he’d be working remotely for a company in Wisconsin. But eight years later, he’s fully settled into his role as a product support specialist and is looking forward to continuing a long career with Sentry.

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Efficiently Sample Petrochemicals with Automated Solutions

Posted by Nate Leonard on 7/6/20 12:00 PM

In the petrochemical industry, representative samples of high vapor pressure gases and liquids help operators with process monitoring, quality control, and regulatory compliance. However, operators and the environment can be harmed if exposed to these volatile process fluids and gases during sampling. This makes it important to establish a reliable representative sampling system in your petrochemical plant.

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Topics: Hydrocarbon Processing, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

Downstream Sampling: Match Your Equipment to the Application

Posted by Randy Cruse on 6/29/20 8:00 AM

Capturing representative samples and protecting the operator is critical in high-temperature and high-pressure applications commonly found in hydrocarbon processing. That’s why it’s essential to match your application to the sampling equipment. Here’s your guide to ensuring you choose the right sampler for your application.

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Topics: Hydrocarbon Processing, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

Optimize Lithium Mining Processes with Automatic Sampling

Posted by Nate Leonard on 6/22/20 8:00 AM

The demand for lithium – sometimes known as “white gold” – is predicted to remain strong, as it’s increasingly used in electronics and electric vehicles. This makes it important to establish a reliable automatic sampling system in your mining operation to ensure you’re consistently producing high-quality lithium.

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Topics: Mining, Solids & Powder, Liquid & Slurry

Create an Effective Corrosion Program for Downstream Processes

Posted by Lance Witt on 6/15/20 8:00 AM

Corrosion is the hidden enemy within refineries, silently and invisibly eating away at the interior of critical infrastructure and equipment. Learn how to monitor and mitigate corrosion in our free eBook, The Corrosion Monitoring and Mitigation Handbook: Creating A Balanced and Effective Program for Downstream Processes.

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Topics: Hydrocarbon Processing, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

The Art of Blending Coffee with Automatic Sampling

Posted by Tod Myers on 6/8/20 8:00 AM

Roasting and combining coffee beans into distinctive blends can be challenging. Each type of bean in the blend needs to be carefully roasted to ensure consistency of color and taste of the final brew. Automatic sampling can help optimize sampling accuracy and repeatability in the coffee blending process, while ensuring a delicious cup every time.

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Solids & Powder