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AJ Naber

AJ likes all kinds of foods and beverages. Not only interested in consuming them, he also offers expertise in engineering and installation of process systems for the dairy, food, beverage and brewing industries.
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Why automatic food & beverage sampling is essential

Posted by AJ Naber on 12/17/15 9:21 AM

Nearly all foods undergo some form of processing. Whether it’s oranges being squeezed and packaged as juice, fish being cleaned, frozen and packaged, or peanut butter being mixed and placed into containers, all food and beverage processing is required to follow good manufacturing practices (GMP) as well as additional local, national and international food safety regulations.

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Topics: Food & Beverage

Top 3 ways food and beverage sampling improves plant efficiencies

Posted by AJ Naber on 12/10/15 1:39 PM

Running an efficient operation requires controlled, real-time data obtained through representative sampling. What exactly is representative sampling? It’s the act of capturing a limited volume of product from the process stream that accurately reflects the characteristics of the entire lot or batch – and that product can then be analyzed. Nearly any food or beverage – including solid, powder, liquid and slurry foods, beverages and pet food – can be sampled.

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Topics: Food & Beverage