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Brad Taylor

As Vice President and General Manager, Brad Taylor applies his wealth of knowledge in global industrial manufacturing including operations, sales, engineering, and divisional leadership. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from Milwaukee School of Engineering and MBA with a concentration in Finance.
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How to automate continuous sample flow at a cycling plant

Posted by Brad Taylor on 7/6/16 8:39 AM


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Topics: Power

How To Prevent Magnetite From Plugging Your Steam And Water Analysis System

Posted by Brad Taylor on 6/9/16 7:52 AM

Magnetite is a form of iron particulate that naturally forms on the inside of steam and water pipes. In many aging power plants during plant startup and cycling, particles of the coating can shed – known as a crud burst or iron throw. These magnetite particles can cause issues and damage within the plant’s steam and water analysis system (SWAS) by jamming and plugging sample conditioning components and analyzers. And when the SWAS does not operate properly, the water chemistry for the whole plant is at risk.

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Topics: Power, Steam & Water