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Brian Winkelman

As a Sales & Applications Engineer, Brian Winkelman works with customers to examine and analyze their needs and determine pricing and design criteria, make recommendations, and prepare quotations. Brian has nearly 7 years of applications engineering experience with large custom pumps, and the municipal and power markets. Brian is driven to find the best solution for the specific needs of each unique application and customer. He is committed to serving customers in all Sentry sampling markets. Brian also has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.
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9 Reasons to Standardize Sampling in Your Plant

Posted by Brian Winkelman on 11/2/16 10:45 AM

Building a new plant or updating an existing facility is a complicated, long-term process that involves dozens of agencies and partners. Petrochemical companies are planning to invest over $80 billion in new manufacturing infrastructure, meaning facilities will become more familiar with this process over the next few years.

We’re already seeing a new trend within this building surge: Standardizing sampler designs to maintain consistency in manual sampling systems.

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Topics: Hydrocarbon Processing, Upstream & Midstream

Tips for selecting the right specialty heat exchanger for your application

Posted by Brian Winkelman on 7/27/16 9:30 AM


Heat exchangers are used in a variety of industries to transfer heat from one medium to another. They can heat within a process, and may be used to cool a liquid, vapor or gas (referred to as a fluid within this article) representative sample to make it safe to handle or transfer.

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