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From chemical application to pipeline corrosion, Bryan Stockburger brings over 14 years of experience to midstream/downstream companies as a regional sales manager for Sentry Equipment. Bryan works extensively with field operations throughout the US and has obtained multiple safety certifications from producers, chemical providers and vendors. He also continues to remain up to date with the industry as an active NACE member.

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Avoid Pipeline Freeze with a Methanol Injection Plan

Posted by Bryan Stockburger on 10/19/21 8:00 AM

With winter quickly approaching, frozen pipelines can have a lasting impact on your oil and gas production operations.

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Topics: Downstream, Upstream & Midstream, Liquid & Slurry, Steam & Water

Wax On, Wax Off: Mitigate and Treat Pipeline Paraffin Buildup

Posted by Bryan Stockburger on 12/7/20 8:00 AM

Paraffin deposition is one of the most challenging flow issues in oil production processes. Paraffin buildup in pipelines, wells and vessels is the most common type of paraffin deposition and can contribute to pipeline corrosion. Managing paraffin deposition in a timely and cost-effective manner are the keys to maximizing oil production, performance and profit.

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Topics: Upstream & Midstream, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

Chemical Optimization Saves an Oil and Gas Producer $1.6 Million

Posted by Bryan Stockburger on 10/5/20 8:00 AM

Providing a safe and easy method of accessing pressurized process systems for corrosion monitoring, chemical injection or sample extraction is an important operational consideration in upstream and midstream processes. Representative sampling solutions enable users to monitor corrosioninject chemicals or extract samples easily and effectively. It also ensures a high level of user safety, while requiring a smaller crew and less time to operate.

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Topics: Upstream & Midstream, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

Common Practices to Prevent Pipeline Freeze

Posted by Bryan Stockburger on 11/4/19 8:00 AM

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, this year’s winter is predicted to be a “polar coaster” with freezing, frigid and frosty weather across two-thirds of the country. This level of extreme weather leaves midstream pipelines at risk for damage such as freezing.

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Topics: Upstream & Midstream, Liquid & Slurry, Gas