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Jay Kristola

Serving as Sentry Equipment Chief Technology Officer, Kristola is a mechanical engineer and registered professional engineer with certification in operations management. He is a holder of several patents, is experienced in functions spanning all facets of our manufacturing operations environment, and is authoritative in all products and solutions our company provides. His 30-plus years of experience in engineering, operations, and quality management drive his commitment to providing Sentry customers with creative, technologically advanced, robust and reliable sampling, monitoring and measuring solutions.
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How to Sample Smarter Using the Industrial Internet of Things

Posted by Jay Kristola on 10/26/16 11:55 AM

Thanks to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), manufacturing is smarter and faster than ever before. Equipment is increasingly autonomous as technology allows it to not only manage data, but collect and share it in relevant ways: man to machine, machine to man and machine to machine. As a result, “smart” equipment introduces objective processes that dictate how components will interpret and adjust to information, including monitoring service needs and correcting output before bad products are made.

Applying IIoT principles to samplers and analyzers demonstrates that using technologically intelligent equipment isn’t just a matter of convenience. Wired or wireless electronic data collection from sampler sensors – such as temperature, pressure, flow and weight – is advantageous in optimizing process parameters through real-time data collection, interpretation and application.

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5 Hidden Costs of Analyzing Non-Representative Samples

Posted by Jay Kristola on 8/31/16 1:39 PM

Multiple industries engage representative sampling. It’s a pivotal process for quality control, process control, custody transfer and regulatory compliance. The benefits of representative sampling are well known, but what is the cost of not doing so? 

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Fostering Trust and Maintaining Quality with Certifications

Posted by Jay Kristola on 1/21/16 10:49 AM

When it comes to safety and quality, there are no shortcuts. It’s a simple statement, yet a powerful promise. It holds true in the best sampling products and systems, and in operational results: from higher performing processes and products to the methodical protection of operators, assets and the environment.

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