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Jeff Zweig

He’s seen it all and designed it all – any application, anywhere. Jeff knows just about everything there is to know about sampling, having been with the company for nearly 40 years. As one of our first employee-owners and knowledgeable sales and application engineers, Jeff can help your plant avoid catastrophes and improve environmental and operator safety by learning about your application and recommending the best sampling and monitoring solutions to meet your needs.

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Why Should Refineries Upgrade to Low-Emission Sampling?

Posted by Jeff Zweig on 12/15/15 10:30 AM

Bucket sampling in petrochemical refineries isn’t new, and it isn’t very effective. Bucket sampling involves an operator simply walking up to a spigot, turning it on and collecting the sample in a bucket or other container. The samples pulled from a spigot may not be fresh or representative, or they could be impacted by exterior elements like fluctuating temperatures - both of which could foul the sample. Sampling this way involves additional significant safety risks to the operator, which can cost in manpower and money. Factor in the time it takes an operator to capture a sample and the logistics involved in getting it to the lab, and soon what was thought to be an easy and cheap sampling method is anything but.

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