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Kevin Kirst

As industry manager for the refinery market, Kevin employs his 25-plus years of experience in engineering, application support and sales to develop new ways to sample, monitor and measure customers’ processes, with a primary focus on the crude oil refining industry. Like all our company employee-owners, Kevin is committed to developing technologies and equipment that allow customers to operate their processes at optimal efficiency while maintaining high levels of safety and product quality.
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Daily production of $260k restored with spring-loaded nozzle

Posted by Kevin Kirst on 1/19/16 3:10 PM

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas is a colorless, transparent gas with a characteristic rotten-egg odor at low concentrations and no detectable odor at high concentrations – because by then the senses are deadened and it is deadly. H2S is found in petroleum and natural gas, and in addition to being one of the largest safety concerns, it also is a huge contributor to corrosion. Oil or natural gas is considered “sour” if it has a high percentage of hydrogen sulfide. To mitigate levels of H2S in oil and gas, scavenger chemicals are injected into the oil or gas stream.

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