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Optimize Lithium Mining Processes with Automatic Sampling

Posted by Nate Leonard on 2/16/22 8:00 AM

The demand for lithium – sometimes known as “white gold” – is predicted to remain strong, as it’s increasingly used in electronics and electric vehicles. This makes it important to establish a reliable automatic sampling system in your mining operation to ensure you’re consistently producing high-quality lithium.

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Topics: Mining, Solids & Powder, Liquid & Slurry

Maintain Safety Throughout the Edible Oil Supply Chain

Posted by Nate Leonard on 2/8/21 8:00 AM

The demand for edible oils – including vegetable, olive, palm and seed oils – continues to accelerate. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to accidental or deliberate malpractice within the supply chain, such as adulteration of raw ingredients or finished products, mislabeling of products, or environmentally unsustainable operations. That’s why representative sampling is critical to ensuring the safety and reliability of all edible oil products.

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Liquid & Slurry

Efficiently Sample Petrochemicals with Automated Solutions

Posted by Nate Leonard on 7/6/20 12:00 PM

In the petrochemical industry, representative samples of high vapor pressure gases and liquids help operators with process monitoring, quality control, and regulatory compliance. However, operators and the environment can be harmed if exposed to these volatile process fluids and gases during sampling. This makes it important to establish a reliable representative sampling system in your petrochemical plant.

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Topics: Downstream, Liquid & Slurry, Gas