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Paul Williams is Sentry Aftermarket Products and Service Manager. The aftermarket business encompasses three distinct operating units that provide technical maintenance services, installation and retrofit, product fulfillment and technical support. Williams relies on his 25-plus years of experience for strategic partnership development, market expansion and branding, with an unwavering focus on customer success.
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How to Proactively Maintain Your Sampling Equipment

Posted by Paul Williams on 3/15/17 10:30 AM

Sampling is important in any processing plant if it’s going to continue to operate safely and reliably. In chemical and petrochemical plants, obtaining representative samples that accurately provide the intelligence needed to ensure plant processes run smoothly is vital.

When processing stops due to a breakdown or when safety is compromised due to lack of inspection, maintenance or proper repair, it’s costly. Proactive and regular maintenance of your samplers is one of the best ways to maintain their peak performance and avoid malfunctions or breakdowns during use – which can lead to significant losses in plant productivity and efficiency.

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How to Best Service Your Sampling Solution

Posted by Paul Williams on 12/21/16 11:15 AM

Reducing and managing downtime in any process operation is vital to ensuring uninterrupted production and the safety of your plant operators. You need to obtain representative samples reliably to assess plant and product condition to control your process effectively.

Regularly scheduled maintenance keeps your sampling solution operating at peak performance and extends their life. Over time, however, the efficiency of samplers and sampling systems decreases. For example, in a steam and water analysis system, sample coolers lose capacity due to calcification and wear. Analyzers may not deliver consistently accurate measurements which can compromise regulatory compliance. Wear and leakage of valves and safety devices can cause unnecessary risk to operator safety. While much of this can be a result of normal operation, it is often a direct result of improper maintenance, calibration or obsolescence.

As your sampling solution ages, it requires ongoing maintenance, service, and in some cases refurbishment, with replacement of components or at worst, complete replacement. You need qualified technicians to service your equipment and recommend the correct course of action. Operator safety and protection of production is not something to take lightly. While some organizations have in-house capabilities, many don't  and under these circumstances, you need to look to an outside service partner.

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How To Eliminate The Need For A SWAS Overnight Shift

Posted by Paul Williams on 9/28/16 1:44 PM

The steam and water analysis system (SWAS) is the nerve center of any power plant, and any deviation from optimal operation and consistent steam and water sampling can lead to added time and expense. In some cases, that might take the form of an overnight shift to make up for a marginally functioning SWAS.

Adding a shift is a considerable commitment and, understandably, not one plant management wants to undertake. However, alleviating this concern is possible with regular, proactive SWAS panel maintenance.

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­­The Most Popular Analyzers Used in North American Power Plants

Posted by Paul Williams on 6/21/16 7:30 AM

As the industry leader in steam and water analysis systems (SWAS) for power generation, we maintain and service those systems including the analyzers – from any brand – in power plants nationwide. Our long history and breadth of experience has given us a unique vantage point on the types and brands of analyzers most requested and used in North America.

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Can One Analyzer Cause an Unscheduled Power Plant Shutdown?

Posted by Paul Williams on 5/25/16 3:31 PM

The answer is yes.

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Three steps to take to maintain your samplers

Posted by Paul Williams on 4/5/16 9:09 AM

Our cars wouldn’t run very well if we didn’t fill them with gasoline, change the motor oil, or conduct routine maintenance and repairs. In the same way, your facility’s sampling equipment needs regular preventative maintenance.

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