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Randy Cruse

As Senior Service Manager, Randy dedicates his lengthy career to developing and delivering service programs designed specifically for refineries and their sampling programs. He understands the risks and safety requirements that come along with being a service provider in the Oil & Gas industry and brings that expertise to each and every call.

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Chill Out: Get Your Sample Right with Sample Coolers

Posted by Randy Cruse on 1/18/21 8:00 AM

Numerous types of heat exchangers cover a broad range of applications, and specialty heat exchangers are often found in many kinds of industrial applications, such as downstream refineries. When a heat exchanger is used to cool a representative sample within processes for accurate analysis, it is commonly referred to as a sample cooler.

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Topics: Downstream, Steam & Water

Safely Implement Sampling Training in Your Refinery

Posted by Randy Cruse on 11/2/20 8:00 AM

Conducting training at every level of a refinery ensures that all sampling stations and the processes they measure are seamlessly working together. Training plant operators to properly monitor the intricacies of the system also ensures shortened startup and reliable performance of your equipment, helping maximize accuracy and confidence in your system’s measurements.

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Topics: Downstream, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

The Benefits of a Refinery Sample Station Audit

Posted by Randy Cruse on 10/19/20 8:00 AM

Refineries often operate sampling systems as separate entities within the plant. Conducting a site-wide sampling audit evaluates a plant’s sampling program to help ensure that all sampling stations are seamlessly working together. A comprehensive audit also helps refinery operators and managers develop a clear plan of action to ensure the processes they monitor remain safe and running properly.

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Topics: Downstream, Solids & Powder, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

How to Maximize Your Budget with Custom Butane Sampling Solutions

Posted by Randy Cruse on 8/17/20 8:00 AM

Industrial and economic influences frequently squeeze plants to do more with less. But necessity breeds invention: fueling innovation and a creative approach to solving industries’ most pressing challenges. As an example, despite increased commercial and technical challenges, hydrocarbon plants are still able to execute representative sampling by implementing custom solutions in C3 and C4 sampling.

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Topics: Downstream, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

Downstream Sampling: Match Your Equipment to the Application

Posted by Randy Cruse on 6/29/20 8:00 AM

Capturing representative samples and protecting the operator is critical in high-temperature and high-pressure applications commonly found in hydrocarbon processing. That’s why it’s essential to match your application to the sampling equipment. Here’s your guide to ensuring you choose the right sampler for your application.

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Topics: Downstream, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

Your Guide to a Successful Downstream Panel Start Up

Posted by Randy Cruse on 4/27/20 8:00 AM

Being ready for startup requires a holistic approach to the entire process of implementing a sampling system. Make sure you’ve considered every step with these guidelines to getting ready for startup. These will help you establish a successful sampling program that will continue to ensure operator safety and equipment performance.

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Topics: Downstream, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

Solutions to Your Most Common LPG Sampler Problems

Posted by Randy Cruse on 4/13/20 8:00 AM

LPG sampling systems help you safely and effectively sample liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other gases with high vapor pressures. But even the most reliable LPG sampling solution will need ongoing maintenance and service. When your LPG samplers aren’t working properly, these troubleshooting tips can keep your system running smoothly.

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Topics: Downstream, Upstream & Midstream, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

Maintenance 101: Developing a Reliable Hydrocarbon Sampling Program

Posted by Randy Cruse on 12/2/19 8:00 AM

Developing a reliable hydrocarbon sampling program doesn’t end with implementation. It requires a maintenance service program that will keep your equipment running properly to ensure operator safety and equipment performance. But it can be overwhelming to establish a hydrocarbon service program. Get started with these 5 steps.

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Topics: Downstream, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

Repair vs. Replace: Managing Your Hydrocarbon Plant's Sampling Equipment

Posted by Randy Cruse on 8/26/19 8:00 AM

Many industrial plants in the United States were built decades ago and were not expected to still be in operation. Yet many are still running today, well past their expected life span. Within these plants, hydrocarbon sampling systems and equipment are often overlooked, even as new technology and regulations demand more from them.

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Topics: Power, Downstream, Solids & Powder, Liquid & Slurry, Gas

Improve Hydrocarbon Process Sampling Accuracy without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Randy Cruse on 5/6/19 8:00 AM

Accurate fiscal calculations, allocations and loss control are essential for a healthy hydrocarbon processing operation. It is also why you need to pay close attention to your sampling program. Sampling downstream and hydrocarbon-related liquids and gases such as crude oil, condensates, and oil and water mixtures means that it is critical to ensure quality control by determining product properties and composition that can directly affect your operations.

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Topics: Downstream, Solids & Powder, Liquid & Slurry