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5 Keys to Establishing a Best-in-Class Sampling Program [Infographic]

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 2/3/20 8:00 AM


In the oil and gas industry, sampling hydrocarbon liquids, such as crude oil, related cuts, condensates, and oil and water mixtures, is critical to ensuring quality control, identifying corrosion and ensuring processes are operating as expected. However, improperly operating or poorly maintained manual sampling panels can lead to poor lab results, high maintenance costs and increased exposure of operators to spills. Keep your operators safe, remain in environmental compliance and maximize uptime by transforming your sampling program to top notch one.

Here are five things you can do to transform a problem hydrocarbon sampling program.

1. Ensure proper panel location

Identifying the right processes, the right locations and the right tie-ins for manual sampling creates the foundation for a successful program.

2. Have panels installed and commissioned by experts

Rely on sampling panel experts to ensure panels are mounted and commissioned properly.

3. Retrofit problem panels

Panels that clog frequently or expose operators to spills can often be retrofitted to improve safety and performance.

4. establish a preventative maintenance program

Regular panel maintenance can prevent many common problems and keep panels in peak operating condition.

5. make training more than a one-time event 

Periodic training helps ensure your operators use proper sampling techniques, employ best practices and understand basic troubleshooting.


the value of a best-in-class sampling program

Extend Operating Life


Keep your samplers on-line longer with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Ensure Safety


Properly maintained samplers reduce the risk of spills, corrosion and injury.

Decrease Downtime


Samplers performing as designed reduce the need for shutdowns and downtime.

Reduce Sampling Costs


Well-maintained samplers minimize issues associated with wear and tear and the cost of dealing with sampler issues.

Increase Sampling Expertise


Having sampling experts maintain samplers ensures peak operating performance and reduces downtime.


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