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Common Sampling Programs for Hydrocarbon Processing [Infographic]

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 7/13/20 8:00 AM


Establishing a sampling program for all types of refining processes in hydrocarbon processing plants requires special considerations for successful and safe operations. The high-temperature and high-pressure applications found in hydrocarbon processing also add a degree of complexity to ensure samples are representative and the operator drawing the sample is protected.

Make sure you are maintaining true representative sampling with a properly designed and placed hydrocarbon sampling program. 


Sampling Program in Hydrocarbon Processing 

Sample Integrity


Avoid human bias and contamination by collecting samples with reliable sample panels engineered specifically for each application. 

Process Monitoring


Avoid Lock-out, Tag-out of poorly designed sample panels. Ensure uninterrupted monitoring of processes to proactively protect plant equipment from corrosion. 

Sampling Uptime


Keep sample panels in peak performance with regular inspections and replacement of wear parts. Ensure up-time with preventative maintenance specific to your application. 


KEY Applications of hydrocarbon sampling 


  • CRUDE - Amines, Caustic, Desalter, Feedstock and Resid 
  • CRACKING (FCCU) - Catalysts, Heavy Oils, Light Oils and Sour Water 
  • HYDROTREATING - Amines, Condensate, Hydrogen, Naphtha, Product and Sour Water
  • FINISH PRODUCT - Asphalt, Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, and LPG 
  • DESULFURIZATION - Amines, Catalysts, Caustic Condensate, Fuel Gas, Recovered Oil, Sour Water and Sulfur 
  • REFORMING - Aromatics, Butane, Methane, Naphtha and Propane 
  • ALKYLATION AND ISOMERIZATION - Acids, Butane and Condensate 
  • COKING - Amines, Ammonia, Caustic, Coke, Condensate, Lube Oils, Resid and Sour Water 




Operator and Environmental Safety


A low-emission, closed-loop sampling approach protects the operator from volatile and/or toxic exposure while preventing spills into the environment. 

Asset 4-2


Trust your product quality testing results with samples collected by sample panels engineered specifically to handle the temperatures, pressures and corrosiveness found in Hydrocarbon processing. 

Asset 5-2


Sampling equipment made by suppliers with an ISO 9001 certification and designed to meet American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), NACE, HAZLOC and/or Canadian Registration Number (CRN), CE, Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and ATEX standards are important to meeting health and safety regulations. 

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