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Create an Effective Corrosion Program for Downstream Processes

Posted by Lance Witt on 6/15/20 8:00 AM

Corrosion Mitigation Handbook

Corrosion is the hidden enemy within refineries, silently and invisibly eating away at the interior of critical infrastructure and equipment.

Learn how to monitor and mitigate corrosion in our free eBook, The Corrosion Monitoring and Mitigation Handbook: Creating A Balanced and Effective Program for Downstream Processes.

In the best case, unchecked corrosion can lead to process failures and downtime. In the worst case, it can be the cause of catastrophic events that endanger human health and the environment.

Current operating practices may be increasing the places where corrosion occurs and accelerates its rate. As crude oil types have diversified in recent years, new corrosive contaminants have entered the process as well. Yet, many refineries have failed to update their corrosion monitoring programs to account for these changes.


Corrosion monitoring is vital to refinery safety and reliability. Determining the right locations, monitoring technologies and mitigation strategies requires a holistic approach and expertise in refinery processes specifically related to corrosion.

Working with a knowledgeable and experienced partner can ensure your corrosion mitigation program is thoughtfully developed and consistently managed.

Ready to learn more? It’s all in our eBook, The Corrosion Monitoring and Mitigation Handbook: Creating A Balanced and Effective Program for Downstream Processes. In it, you’ll learn:

  • Three important steps to ensure corrosion monitoring and mitigation strategies’ ongoing effectiveness
  • The major factors that contribute to corrosion in refineries
  • The various technologies to monitor for corrosion and take corrective action when required
  • Best practices for establishing a balanced and effective program to continually combat corrosion

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Corrosion Monitoring & Mitigation Handbook

Sentry Equipment offers the downstream oil and gas industry safe, reliable, and effective solutions to corrosion monitoring and mitigation. Contact us to identify the best solution for your application. 

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Written by Lance Witt

With over 25 years in the hydrocarbon industry, Lance Witt brings a unique perspective to Sentry Equipment as the Regional Sales Manager. He is a wealth of industry knowledge as an author and presenter for ASGMT, ISHM, AFMSC and Gas Well Deliquification Workshops. He also a technological expert with 3 patents on chemical optimization and an active NACE member.