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Employee-Owner Profiles - Brian Sizemore

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 3/5/20 8:08 AM

Brian Sizemore

As Sentry Equipment sought to expand product offerings, we broadened our service expertise in the Gulf Coast region with the Process Monitoring Tech Center in Houston. Brian Sizemore joined Sentry during that expansion and has found a fulfilling role as a Sales and Application Engineer supporting upstream and midstream pipeline corrosion customers in the region and around the United States.

Sentry Equipment's Gulf Coast presence came to fruition through the 2018 acquisition of Integrity Measurement & Control, Inc. (IMC) and the 2017 acquisition of Cobra Sampling. As part of that transition, Brian joined the Sentry Process Monitoring Tech Center (PMTC) team in Houston. 

“The culture at Sentry makes this job a great fit for me,” says Brian. “Everyone at Sentry shares my drive for customer satisfaction and I have been able to develop a camaraderie with my co-workers.”

IMC was a smaller company than Sentry, so Brian had to adjust to a larger company with multiple offices. “There was a learning curve in transitioning from a small company to a mid-sized company. But having so many helpful individuals across multiple departments made my job easier and more manageable,” he says.

He believes that Sentry’s streamlined processes and organized support system facilitates this culture, allowing him and the entire PMTC team to focus on customer satisfaction. 

Another adjustment has been adapting to a quickly expanding market. When he worked at IMC, the oil and gas industry was relatively slow, but now times have changed. “The industry is moving forward and upwards – and so is Sentry Equipment,” he says.

Brian Sizemore Headshot

Brian Sizemore

Sales and Applications Engineer

Three things he’d take on a deserted island: “My family (because they mean the most to me), plenty of water – and a boat to get off the island.”

Childhood dream job: “Firefighter. My dad was in fire protection and I was a firefighter for 15 years. I really enjoyed making an impact on my community and helping children after Hurricane Katrina.”

Could he pronounce Oconomowoc before working at Sentry? “Absolutely not. Ya’ll have difficult-to-pronounce towns in Wisconsin.”

Focusing on the customer

In his role as a Sales and Application Engineer, Brian enjoys helping customers find the right representative sampling and pipeline corrosion monitoring solutions for their plants. But his drive for customer satisfaction doesn’t end with the customer. It extends to his fellow employee-owners and the internal customers who inspire him to do his best every day.

A typical day means responding to both internal and external customer needs, then identifying critical success factors to make sure that each customer’s application works correctly and meets their needs.

Through it all, he keeps the customer at the center of his day – just like every employee-owner at Sentry and the PMTC.

“You can’t do anything without customers,” he says. “The customer should be number one, and Sentry employees and the company focus on that. Sentry Equipment has a strong team that comes together to provide great services to customer.”


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