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Employee-Owner Profiles - Devin Draeger

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 3/2/22 2:00 PM


When he was a kid, Devin Draeger was fascinated with building computers. So, it makes sense that he chose a career that led him to work with computers every day. The path to this career may not have been direct, but since starting at Sentry Equipment over 16 years ago, Devin's proud of the support he's received from his team after transitioning out of active military duty.

"I was looking for a stable job that required the skills I gained from serving in the Army," said Devin.

He eventually discovered Sentry Equipment and joined the company as a Production Assistant before working his way up to his current role as a Senior IT Programmer Analyst.

"Sentry Equipment was a good fit for me because there were many opportunities to learn new technologies and skills. I have the autonomy to challenge myself with different projects and work on the best solutions to company issues," he explained.

Now, his days consist of handling employees' technical issues while helping complete large projects, such as implementing company IT initiatives and new technology.

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Devin Draeger

Senior it programmer analyst 

What's his favorite season? "Since I love to snowmobile, winter is my favorite season."

Three things he'd take on a deserted island: "Water, a weapon for food and protection, and food."

What is his favorite weekend activity? "On the weekends, you can usually find me bowling with my league or snowmobiling. I also like to camp and spend as much time outdoors as possible."

Building the Future of Sentry Equipment

This year, one of his most significant projects is establishing technology that allows Sentry customers to customize and configure products to meet their needs before working with our engineering team. He's also working to implement software that allows Sentry's service team to connect to headquarters easily, obtain access to parts quickly and seamlessly provide service while documenting customer needs and expectations.

Eventually, Devin hopes to move into IT architecture or management. But for now, he enjoys the different challenges that come up and problem-solving them. He also appreciates having a solid team to support him, including Business Process Architect Rebecca Mudler.

For anyone considering a job in IT, he has two pieces of advice. "Every day brings something new, so be ready for a challenge and expect constant change. You don't have to know everything – the principles you have learned will help you manage any change that occurs."

He appreciates that his daily work has a direct, positive impact on the customer experience. Part of this dedication to the customer stems from Sentry's employee-owned business model. Sentry employee-owners share in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), so we all share the benefits of our hard work, positive results, and continual improvement and innovation.

"Sentry focuses on customer satisfaction and will take steps to continuously improve that relationship," he said. "Innovation and advancement are priorities, from software to the shop floor. There is always a way to do better."



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