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Employee-Owner Profiles - Peter Tishler

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 5/6/21 8:00 AM


When Peter Tishler was a kid, he wanted to be a dentist – until he took a medical tech course in high school and realized he couldn’t work with teeth. Instead, he turned his attention to math and science and eventually found a home in engineering at Sentry Equipment.

When at Marquette University in Milwaukee, he found a position at Sentry Equipment in 2012 through the school’s engineering co-op program. He joined the team as a co-op intern in R&D and manufacturing before transitioning into a full-time engineer.

Before joining Sentry Equipment, Peter expected to be sitting at a computer all day working with computer-aided design (CAD) software and minimal engagement with the shop floor. However, his career here taught him that hands-on experience is the best way to support the team and our customers.

“I’ve been able to be very hands-on and supportive of our engineering department and those working in the shop,” he says. “My position affords me the ability to work on a variety of engaging and exciting projects, such as our recent investment in a laser machine and press brake. I enjoy the diversity of projects and continued focus on technology and the future of manufacturing throughout the company.”


Peter Tishler

Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor

Three things he’d take on a deserted island: “My wife and our two chihuahuas, a chainsaw for building a shelter and other structures, and a Taco Bell drive-thru.”

What does he do when he’s not working? “I like to build furniture and fix up my 100+-year-old house. Right now, I’m redoing a bathroom and the kitchen.”

What would be his dream job? “A carpenter or furniture builder.”

Investing In The Future

Sentry is a proud employee-owned company where our employee-owners share in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which means we share the benefits of our hard work, positive results, and continual improvement and innovation. Sentry Equipment is entirely employee-owned because we believe that employee ownership makes a difference. 

“Everyone is personally invested more than other companies because of our employee-ownership,” Peter explains. “The employee-ownership culture is at the center of everything we do, from our investment in the future for improved stock price, investing in improved processes, and accountability and effort in our jobs.”

Each day, Peter walks the shop floor to address any issues that might arise. “I enjoy helping people on the factory floor. It makes me feel like I’m providing value to the company and helping make others’ jobs easier,” he says.

He also spends time tackles “big picture” projects, such as redesigning tooling for equipment and equipment upgrades. He says he and his colleagues are always looking for opportunities for continuous improvement. For example, the team is reviewing the factory floor layout to identify ways to improve process flow.

Balancing the day-to-day and big picture projects presents the biggest challenge in his role. “The ebb and flow of smaller manufacturing changes and shop floor issues can make it difficult to schedule time for larger continuous improvement projects. However, it adds variety to the day, which is enjoyable,” he says.

When Peter joined Sentry Equipment through the co-op, machine monitoring was in its infancy and not a significant focus. Technology is a huge part of any manufacturing business. As manufacturing becomes more dependent on technology, operations move to the cloud, and enterprises harness the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

This commitment to forwarding progress keeps him engaged and excited about the future at Sentry Equipment. In the upcoming years, Peter wants to keep supporting his colleagues in his role. “I want to continue to focus on advancing the company and help save time and money,” he says. “I would also love to see the manufacturing group expand and doing more research and improvement projects.”

Now, he sees new interns joining the company as he did nearly a decade ago. To them, he’d advise: “Be willing to work hard and commit to your projects 100%. Keep up with technology and continue to embrace new ideas.”

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Employee-Owner Profiles is a regular feature that highlights members of our team. As an employee-owned company, Sentry Equipment believes that employee ownership makes a difference. Our employee-owners are dedicated to hard work, positive results and continual improvement and innovation to provide our customers the highest quality products and services.

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