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Five Things to Know When Sampling in a Hydrocarbon Processing Plant

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 8/1/18 8:35 AM

Five Things to Know When Sampling in a Hydrocarbon Processing Plant

Sampling within the hydrocarbon process is essential for gaining visibility into product quality, identifying corrosion and ensuring processes are operating as expected. It occurs at multiple points across virtually every stage of hydrocarbon processing. However, are you giving sampling the attention it needs?

Sampling can seem simple on the surface: you draw a sample from a process and transport
it to the lab for analysis.

But there is a degree of complexity involved in ensuring samples are representative and in protecting the operator that is drawing the sample, particularly in the high-temperature and high-pressure applications commonly found in hydrocarbon processing.

Combine that with the common occurrence of sampling not having an obvious "owner" within the organizational structure of refineries and petrochemical plants despite multiple stakeholders with an interest in sampling — from quality lab technicians to operations personnel to safety managers — many organizations are left operating without the expertise required to ensure safe, consistent sampling.

Learn how to take control of your hydrocarbon process sampling e-book containing the five things you should know when managing a sampling program:

  • Minimizing risk the risk of improper sampling
  • Matching the sample panel to the application
  • Training operators for safety
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades

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Written by Sentry Equipment

With proven sampling expertise since 1924, Sentry products and services provide business operations the critical insights to optimize process control and product quality. We deliver true representative sampling and analysis techniques to customers around the globe, empowering them to accurately monitor and measure processes for improved production efficiency, output and safety. Standing behind our commitments, we are determined to tackle any application, anywhere.

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