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How to Maintain Recipe Control with the Sentry SBC Controller

Posted by George Buss on 12/13/21 8:00 AM

Maintain Recipe Control - SBC Controller

Production of bulk solid materials is dependent on expensive capital equipment, often optimized to produce multiple products on the same line. These systems can make numerous products, including varying particle sizes, dimensions, and other characteristics. Maintaining these products is made simple with recipe control found in the Sentry SBC Controller.

Ideally, an automatic sampler is designed to be optimized for one or a narrow range of product types to limit sampler bias and provide the most statistically significant data possible. However, this design becomes complicated for lines that produce a range of products and require different samplers for each product line.

A well-designed sampler with a range of capacity integrated with a control capable of multiple “recipes” can rectify this issue. Recipes are associated with each product’s mass flow rate and size geometry.
Recipe requirements consist of settings specific to the sample and dwell and purge times associated with the sampler. A recipe control system coupled with the correct automatic sampler can produce repeatable, representative samples for the various products run on one line.

For example, the Sentry SBC controller is a dedicated logic control system capable of controlling any automatic sampler in the Sentry product line, including liquid, slurry, and bulk solids samplers. The controller was recently updated to accommodate multiple recipes, allowing users to quickly and easily select a group of parameters based on predetermined input.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to managing multiple product lines through the use of recipe files with the Sentry SBC Controller.

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Written by George Buss

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