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Our Commitment to Excellence Begins With Employee Ownership

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 10/1/19 11:02 AM


October is Employee Ownership Month and Manufacturing Month!

As a proud employee-owned manufacturing company, we’re celebrating this important month by featuring a series of stories highlighting our talented employee-owners and the unique company programs supporting our manufacturing capabilities. This combo of talent and investment in continuous improvement programs are key to our high-quality solutions, products and services that our customers have come to know well.

World-class manufacturing capabilities

Sentry Equipment's manufacturing capabilities have advanced significantly over the last few years. We have progressively added technology to support automation and lights-out manufacturing. Advancements like industrial robotics that load and unload machining centers, robotic welding, laser cutters and more have kept us in pace with the manufacturing industry’s rapidly evolving technology advancements.

Adopting a culture of continuous improvement and adding these new technologies and capabilities has helped us stay globally competitive while maintaining our signature high quality solutions.

And none of these advancements would be possible without our dedicated employee owners.

What is employee ownership?

At the most basic level, employee ownership revolves around an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This retirement plan is a federally qualified and similar in some ways to a 401(k) plan.  Each of our employee owners share in this ESOP. The Sentry ESOP invests primarily in Sentry Equipment Corp stock and holds it in trust. As the company profits, so do the employee-owners.

Every employee is a company owner, or stockholder. This unique dynamic fosters a culture that is manifested in accountability, responsiveness and commitment and empowers our employee owners to provide a higher standard of service to our customers.

Employee ownership sets the stage for manufacturing success

Our people are the foundation of our success. The investments in technology and company programs support our employee-owners, company growth and help deliver excellence customer experiences and the highest quality solutions.

We hope you enjoy this month’s blogs focused on manufacturing programs and our employee owners!


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