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Match Your Sampling Solutions to Our Best Suppliers

Posted by Mike Keister on 6/14/16 1:00 PM


You trust your strategic sampling partner to help you solve your representative sampling challenges. You also rely on them to tell you when, occasionally, your needs are better met by a solution they do not currently offer.

As you partner, we are dedicated to helping our customers every step of the way, even when a step requires another supplier to provide the best solution for your application. Our complementary supplier network provides exemplary products and services, often through representatives who coordinate the selection and use of parts to ensure everything works together, and ultimately produces turnkey solutions.

Here are a few suppliers that have earned our confidence:

Jonas, Inc.

Expertise: Steam sampling nozzles for power generation applications
Product:  Isokinetic steam sample nozzles that are built into pipelines

Why we refer our customers to this company:
While we are experts in steam and water sample conditioning and analysis, this upstream component, required for proper extraction of a representative steam sample, is a specialized EPRI and ASME certified product from Jonas. Because of the value this product provides our end customers, we have a collaborative, non-competitive relationship with these experts and refer our customers when they need quality steam sample nozzles.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Expertise: Analytical instrumentation for manufacturing and processing applications
Product:  Process analyzers

Why we refer our customers to this company:
Our company integrates analyzers with our sampling equipment to provide complete sampling solutions to our customers. We specialize in extracting and conditioning representative samples from process lines for analysis in a number of different industries. Combining our strengths with Thermo Fisher – a recognized leader in analytical instrumentation – is mutually beneficial for a number of applications requiring in-line and at-line sampling and analysis.


ViNtrol, Inc.

Expertise: Flow control products for oil and gas applications
Product:  Pipedrop isolation valves

Why we refer our customers to this company:
Although we have expertise in corrosion monitoring solutions, we rely on high-quality pipedrop isolation valves for flow control, that, when incorporated into pipelines, allow for coupon sampling and corrosion monitoring without shutting down the line. ViNtrol produces a variety of state-of-the-art isolation valves and flow control products, primarily for the oil and gas industry, all of which interface with Sentry® Saf-T-Vise™ corrosion monitoring and chemical injection products.


TXAM Pumps

Expertise: Chemical injection pumps for oil and gas applications
Product:  Chemical injection pumps

Why we refer our customers to this company:
TXAM Pumps is an innovator in the design and manufacture of chemical injection pumps and offers a diversified product line that aligns with and powers our Sentry Saf-T-Vise chemical injection and sample quill solutions for midstream oil and gas applications in pressurized vessels.

Our partner vendors are specialists in their fields, and allow us to offer the best product recommendations that we are confident carry the quality standards we know our customers expect. By referring customers to these specialists, we hope to provide valuable resources and solutions to our customers without delay or unnecessary risk of the unknown.

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Written by Mike Keister

As a Sales & Applications Engineer since 2003, Mike Keister has empowered customers to accurately monitor and measure processes for improved production efficiency, output and safety. Mike applies his 26 years of Process Industry experience including field service, application engineering, and technical sales. He’s dedicated to tackle any application, anywhere. Mike also has an associate degree in Electronics from Blackhawk College.