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Make the Most of Your Oil and Gas Sampling Partnership

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 4/20/20 8:00 AM

Oil and Gas Sampling PartnershipManaging relationships with outside vendors and suppliers can be challenging. These best practices can guide you in building strong relationship with a full-service oil and gas provider that will help you improve profitability, speed up innovation and improve reliability.

In today’s competitive global economy, the success of your business depends on having trustworthy suppliers and vendors in your supply chain. A strong relationship with these partners can help ensure your facility and your business run smoothly.

The first step in building a relationship with an oil and gas partner is identifying and choosing those who can deliver complete solutions that will support your business.

keys to a strong sampling partnership

Make sure the supplier has the application expertise and industry experience you need.

The oil and gas or hydrocarbon processing sectors are governed by specific regulations, particularly when it comes to the safety of personnel and equipment.

The most successful oil and gas relationships are fostered through providing complete and thorough information. From federal and state regulations to operational impacts, a team should do a complete visual, process and regulatory review of all the equipment that impacts sampling (components, sample panels, etc.). This complete review provides customers with a clear indication of what is necessary now and in the long term.

Any potential supplier should also provide this level of care to your applications. This way they can address your operational needs and help you maintain compliance with regulatory bodies.  


Assess their commitment to safety.

A manufacturing partner’s safety record can tell you a lot about their dedication to ensuring the safety of your plant operations. Customers need to have confidence that their partner knows how to keep a process environment safe, starting with their own. A strong safety record makes a company uniquely qualified to provide sampling solutions to customers that help them reach their goals of improving safety for their operators and the environment.  

Your processes deal with high pressures and often highly caustic materials. Ensuring your contractors and partners maintain a high level of safety on site keeps your plant’s OSHA and loss-time incidents low while maximizing uptime.

By treating every site as their own and the individuals that interact with the equipment as family, service technicians are able to reduce the likelihood of injury and meet the goals of making the decision makers successful and keeping the end users safe.


Inquire about their commitment to long-term partnerships.

When you hire a supplier, you’re establishing what will hopefully become a long-term partnership.

People are the foundation of what makes this possible. Refinery customers benefit from engaged and passionate employees who come into work every day to find solutions for their customers.

The most successful relationships are fostered through developing a high understanding of your processes, how your site operates and your business goals as they relate to sampling equipment and services. 

Hydrocarbon Processing ButtonGet referrals from peers.

In general, you want to choose a partner who works regularly with hydrocarbon processing refineries.

By utilizing your network and reaching out to individuals at companies with similar processes to yours, you are ensuring that your supplier can handle your facilities output, uptime necessities and safety requirements. Additionally, you will want to consider how long the referring company has been working with this supplier and how any difficulties were handled throughout their relationship.


Get referrals from a potential supplier’s existing customers.

 If possible, ask current customers about their experience, including:

  • Is the supplier’s customer service quick to respond with knowledgeable answers and helpful guidance?
  • How reliable are the products?
  • Can their products handle caustic, high-pressure or other volatile materials?
  • How innovative are their solutions?
  • Are they flexible in their processes and provide full-service solutions?
  • Is response timely and delivery prompt?
  • Do you feel the supplier is committed to your business’ success?

Current upstream, midstream and downstream customers will provide a complete picture of a partner’s efficacy in the industry and drive your confidence in a new supplier.


Ask the supplier the tough questions.

As you’re identifying partners to investigate, consider the questions to ask possible vendors and suppliers, including:

  • Does the supplier have experience with upstream, midstream and downstream businesses?
  • Can they understand and fulfill your specific needs?
  • Are they able to provide additional services such as sample conditioning or tubing repair and replacement?
  • Can they support your operational personnel with training and troubleshooting assistance?
  • Can the supplier scale to your needs? Are they flexible enough to adjust to an uptick or downturn in your production?

A supplier that provides a high-level communication and attention to detail will be able to answer these questions and more ensuring that the focus is on your processes and operations, no matter how large or small.   


Make sure the turnaround time meets your schedule.

If you need an order by a certain date, make sure the supplier can meet that time frame. By taking into account shipping, production and installation time, experts should be there to ensure your project meets safety and time standards at every step.

Turnaround time also goes beyond your Low Emission sampler. A timely, full-service partner is also incredibly responsive to your questions regarding usage as well as maintenance repairs.


Compare suppliers to each other.

As you’re answering each of these questions, be sure to compare answers from each vendor to choose the best fit. One oil and gas sampling supplier might have lower pricing, but also have a reputation for delayed production or shipping.

Ultimately, the focus should be on your needs above anything else. A good supplier relationship will understand everything from your preferences, to how your processes and the components interact. It’s important to consider all these elements as you narrow down your choices.

Businesses all over the world choose to partner with Sentry for our experience and expertise in multiple industries. Customers know they can rely on us to help them with the high-quality products and solutions they need to stay up and running.

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