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The Good Jobs helps attract good people

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 9/30/15 10:00 AM


Sentry Equipment Corp seeks to attract the best talent to become employee-owners. As an employee-owned company, our team fully appreciates the value of every customer and the importance of every relationship – taking pride in everything we do, delivering on our promises and standing behind our commitments.

To that end, we have partnered with The Good Jobs to create a customized profile communicating our positive company culture and creating awareness and differentiation. The Good Jobs is an employment branding solution that provides transparency by quantifying culture to help companies attract, hire and retain the right talent. Our company has joined other employers such as Zappos, Batteries + Bulbs, Cielo and Kohl’s in providing substantial information to qualify for certain badges.

The badges Sentry Equipment Corp has qualified for are:

Career Development – Highlighting companies that offer career paths, specific training and/or development opportunities, this badge recognizes company programs such as tuition reimbursement, training programs like Six Sigma, and stipends to attend conferences or meetings, as well as strategies and opportunities that invest in employees’ education and training and nurture their ability to become successful and grow.

Corporate Responsibility – This badge identifies companies that support specific causes and are committed to corporate and social responsibility. Companies that live a statement of ethics, integrity and/or values are assigned this badge.

Extreme Perks – This badge focuses on benefits that go above and beyond traditional health, welfare and vacation/holiday pay benefits that contribute to an employee’s compensation package, life/work balance and overall work satisfaction. 

Flextime – Companies qualifying for this badge offer flexible work schedules that fit individuals’ lifestyles, such as summer hours, flexibility for working parents or jobs that fit a specific career stage or schedule options.

Fun – This badge highlights the company’s unique work environment and activities, giving specific information about our fun on-site amenities, fun wellness programs and/or fun social outlets, as well as company activities that encourage employee interaction, team building and cooperation.

Inclusion – This badge is reserved for companies that consciously mobilize employee diversity and acceptance to create success, including programs and activities that encompass workers with disabilities, all minorities, genders and ages, current military and veterans, LGBT and alternative lifestyles as well as mental health awareness.

We are proud to serve our customers by hiring the best talent as employee-owners. With total accountability and dedication, Sentry Equipment Corp employee owners stand firmly behind our products, customers and company.

Learn more and see our badges here.

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