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How to Solve Common SBC Controller Issues

Posted by George Buss on 1/25/21 8:00 AM

The Sentry SBC controller is a dedicated logic control system that can control any automatic sampler in the Sentry Equipment product line, including liquid, slurry and bulk solids samplers. With just a few simple connections, the sampler can be in operation.

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Match the Right Heat Exchanger to Your Application

Posted by John Powalisz on 7/20/20 8:00 AM

Many industrial processes require the addition or removal of heat and heat exchangers are often used to do this. There are many heat exchange applications within processing plants such a process heating and cooling, vapor condensing to sample conditioning. Ensure you are meeting your application needs by selecting the right specialty heat exchanger. 

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How to Approach SWAS Service Through COVID-19

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 4/6/20 8:00 AM

A well-functioning power infrastructure is critical for public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, the energy sector and its workers are considered essential to maintaining the services and functions Americans depend on daily. But without proper maintenance services on equipment, many power plants could experience issues that lead to equipment failure and shutdowns.

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5 Ways to Ensure a Seamless Custom Engineered Project

Posted by Valdo DeLaGarza on 2/10/20 8:00 AM

Developing a custom-engineered product can be a daunting undertaking – but with the right partner, it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether your facility needs a new piece of specialized equipment or an entire customized sampling system, working with an experienced partner can make it easy to develop custom-engineered samplers and systems to meet your most demanding requirements for your specific industry.

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Our Commitment to Excellence in 2020 and Beyond

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 10/30/19 8:00 AM

As October comes to an end, so does Employee Ownership Month and Manufacturing Month. 

Catch up on all of the ways we celebrated and showcased our employee owners, manufacturing capabilities, community involvement and more.

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When Women Are at the Table, Manufacturing Wins

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 10/23/19 8:00 AM

Today, Sentry Equipment employs thirty-four female employee-owners, with six in manager roles. Some of these women recently discussed how they got started in manufacturing and what their experience in the traditionally male industry has been so far. Their stories lead to four points for why manufacturing is a great career choice for women. 

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Helping Students Navigate to a Career in Manufacturing

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 10/16/19 8:00 AM

When Andy Kostecki was in high school, he had a hard time succeeding within the traditional education model. “I just can't learn from looking at a chalkboard. I'm a hands-on learner,” says Kostecki. “Learning in the traditional way isn't for me.”

He was introduced to the GPS Education Partners program, which provides students with first-hand experience in technical careers to help prepare them for life as working adults. Little did he know that the GPS program was leading him to meaningful manufacturing career at Sentry Equipment.

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Top 5 Best Practices for 20+ Years of Safety

Posted by Canton Larson on 10/3/19 8:03 AM

Workplace injuries and illnesses have a major impact on an employer's bottom line. It’s estimated that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for workers' compensation payments, medical expenses and costs for legal services. But indirect costs – including lost productivity, repairs to damaged equipment or property, and the cost of lower employee morale – can be just as damaging to a company.

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Our Commitment to Excellence Begins With Employee Ownership

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 10/1/19 11:02 AM

October is Employee Ownership Month and Manufacturing Month!

As a proud employee-owned manufacturing company, we’re celebrating this important month by featuring a series of stories highlighting our talented employee-owners and the unique company programs supporting our manufacturing capabilities. This combo of talent and investment in continuous improvement programs are key to our high-quality solutions, products and services that our customers have come to know well.

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Asking Why: Understanding the Heart and Soul of Our Company

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 2/14/19 8:32 AM


If we’ve learned anything from almost 100 years in business, it’s that our most important values don’t come from what we do or how we do it. Our most important values come from a much deeper place within our organization and our people.

When explaining what Sentry Equipment does, it's tempting to just say "Sentry Equipment makes sampling equipment". But that’s not the fundamental reason we exist. Understanding the “why” behind what we do is critical to serving customers better, maintaining a strong ownership culture, and setting ourselves up for sustainable growth and success. 

Why do we exist?

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we get out of bed in the morning?

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