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Why Small Things Like Sample Bottle Caps Are Big Things In A Hydrocarbon Processing Plant

Posted by Derek Lindsay on 10/9/18 9:27 AM


Sampling in a hydrocarbon processing plant has its hazards. Tapping into a process line to extract a representative sample requires careful planning, specialized equipment and a partnership with the right hydrocarbon service team. Commonly, however, more focus is spent on the best and safest way to extract the sample, than the method to seal the sample collection bottle. That can be just as hazardous.

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Five Things to Know When Sampling in a Hydrocarbon Processing Plant

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 8/1/18 8:35 AM

Sampling within the hydrocarbon process is essential for gaining visibility into product quality, identifying corrosion and ensuring processes are operating as expected. It occurs at multiple points across virtually every stage of hydrocarbon processing. However, are you giving sampling the attention it needs?

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Process Monitoring Tech Center: World-Class Expertise Right Where You Need It

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 7/19/17 2:30 PM

As Texas ramps up crude oil production and a “resilient” oil and gas industry is expected to see slow but steady growth in 2017 and beyond, it’s more critical than ever that these refining and petrochemical plants have the technologies and expertise they need to meet demand.

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Steam Sampling 101: Basics and What Really Matters

Posted by Jeff McKinney on 6/7/17 2:00 PM

What does it take to design a practical and reliable steam sampling system? Find out what you need to know to practically implement steam sampling guidelines in your process environment. 

Steam sampling is sometimes viewed as a necessary evil in a process plant. However, the absence of steam due to a boiler shutdown makes for a bad day at a refinery, petrochemical or specialty chemical plant. But one size doesn’t fit all, and a number of variables must be considered to design and implement a practical, reliable steam sampling system.

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What to Know About Drip Pots and Corrosion Monitoring

Posted by Kevin Kirst on 3/22/17 10:30 AM

Internal metal corrosion in hazardous liquid, gas transmission and gas-gathering applications is inevitable and continues to cause leaks and catastrophic failures. Due to the fact that internal corrosion is time dependent, the number of incidents could be increasing due to aging pipeline infrastructure. Such disasters can damage the environment and cause costly downtime and waste in pipeline productivity – in addition to astronomical cleanup costs.

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How to Proactively Maintain Your Sampling Equipment

Posted by Paul Williams on 3/15/17 10:30 AM

Sampling is important in any processing plant if it’s going to continue to operate safely and reliably. In chemical and petrochemical plants, obtaining representative samples that accurately provide the intelligence needed to ensure plant processes run smoothly is vital.

When processing stops due to a breakdown or when safety is compromised due to lack of inspection, maintenance or proper repair, it’s costly. Proactive and regular maintenance of your samplers is one of the best ways to maintain their peak performance and avoid malfunctions or breakdowns during use – which can lead to significant losses in plant productivity and efficiency.

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3 Process Control Strategies You Need To Know

Posted by John V. Twork on 2/15/17 11:30 AM

The logic forming the basis of the old saying “what you can’t measure, you can’t control” has justified generations of increasingly sophisticated process monitoring and control technologies. As the requirements for continually improved manufacturing processes evolve, this trend will drive future research, development, and implementation.

Process sampling – either automatic or manual – will serve as the interface between the process and a variety of key variables measured in the lab. These lab measurements comprise the input to three process control strategies discussed in the white paper available for download.

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9 Reasons to Standardize Sampling in Your Plant

Posted by Brian Winkelman on 11/2/16 10:45 AM

Building a new plant or updating an existing facility is a complicated, long-term process that involves dozens of agencies and partners. Petrochemical companies are planning to invest over $80 billion in new manufacturing infrastructure, meaning facilities will become more familiar with this process over the next few years.

We’re already seeing a new trend within this building surge: Standardizing sampler designs to maintain consistency in manual sampling systems.

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How to Safely Sample Hazardous Chemicals During Production

Posted by Kevin Kirst on 9/7/16 11:06 AM

Sampling within a chemical plant can mean operators must obtain samples of a toxic chemical mixture that can include diisobutyl phthalate, ethanol, hexane, mineral oil, toluene and titanium tetrachloride.

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Safe Chemical Container Sampling with Low-Emission Thief Sampler

Posted by John Schadt on 8/10/16 1:23 PM

Chemical companies often need to use hydrogen peroxide and solvent for synthesis and purification processes. To verify quality and integrity of these chemicals, they need to sample and analyze them. These samples can be obtained directly from intermediate bulk container (IBC) loading or unloading stations. IBC are stackable, reusable industrial containers that can safely and efficiently store and transport liquids and solid granules, including chemicals, food ingredients, solvents or pharmaceuticals.

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