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Food Safety Is #1 For Animals and Pet Food Manufacturers

Posted by Tod Myers on 9/21/20 8:00 AM

Like food meant for human consumption, pet foods are subject to contamination during the manufacturing process. Contamination can include ingredients with incorrect physical or chemical properties as well as contamination from toxins. Automatic sampling of animal food, including wet and dry dog and cat food, helps detect the presence of harmful bacteria such as Listeria and Salmonella to ensure quality and safety for people and pets.

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Solids & Powder

Manual vs. Automatic: Sampling in the Dairy Industry

Posted by Israel Gamboa on 8/3/20 8:00 AM

In the dairy industry, it’s critical to safeguard product quality and safety, while maintaining proper custody transfers of milk and milk products. Automatic sampling is an important part of ensuring that each dairy manufacturer is providing true representation and adhering to product quality and safety standards.

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Solids & Powder, Liquid & Slurry

Optimize Lithium Mining Processes with Automatic Sampling

Posted by Nate Leonard on 6/22/20 8:00 AM

The demand for lithium – sometimes known as “white gold” – is predicted to remain strong, as it’s increasingly used in electronics and electric vehicles. This makes it important to establish a reliable automatic sampling system in your mining operation to ensure you’re consistently producing high-quality lithium.

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The Art of Blending Coffee with Automatic Sampling

Posted by Tod Myers on 6/8/20 8:00 AM

Roasting and combining coffee beans into distinctive blends can be challenging. Each type of bean in the blend needs to be carefully roasted to ensure consistency of color and taste of the final brew. Automatic sampling can help optimize sampling accuracy and repeatability in the coffee blending process, while ensuring a delicious cup every time.

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Solids & Powder

Safely Sample Aluminum Alkyls in Your Hydrocarbon Plant

Posted by Steve Shiller on 6/1/20 8:00 AM

Aluminum alkyls are a family of organo-aluminums often used as catalysts in the polymerization of olefins and dienes in hydrocarbon plants. Some plants use aluminum alkyls in their manufacturing operations for a variety of uses, from afterburner sustainers for jet engines to reducing agents. Learn how one plant ensured personnel and environmental safety with aluminum alkyl sampling. 

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Topics: Hydrocarbon Processing, Solids & Powder, Liquid & Slurry

A Custom Solution Improves Cement Sampling at Load-Out

Posted by Tod Myers on 5/18/20 9:15 AM

Cement is typically manufactured by heating lime, silica, alumina, iron and other materials at high temperatures. This combination of heavy materials can have a major impact on wear and tear of sampling equipment. Learn how one company mitigated this risk with a custom solution.

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Topics: Cement, Solids & Powder

4 Major Benefits of Automated Sampling

Posted by Sentry Equipment on 3/30/20 8:00 AM

This article originally appeared in the news section of Borrow-Agee Laboratories' website. This testing service blog has been republished here for our readers. 

One of the most important things to consider in order to get accurate test results in food safety testing is your sampling process. Many companies still rely on manually sampling animal feed, byproduct, or animals themselves rather than automated sampling. But this encourages a number of problems that may not allow for the most effective quality testing. 

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Solids & Powder

Increase Your Automatic Samplers' Performance

Posted by George Buss on 3/2/20 8:00 AM

Automatic sampling systems are simple, safe and accurate ways to manage representative sampling in your plant. But even the most reliable sampling solution will need ongoing maintenance and service. When your automatic samplers aren’t functioning properly, these troubleshooting tips can keep your system running smoothly.

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Topics: Cement, Food & Beverage, Mining, Solids & Powder

Keeping Pet Food Safe with Automatic Samplers

Posted by Tod Myers on 1/13/20 8:00 AM

Ensuring that animals’ food is safe and meets federal regulations is critical to the animals that consume it, the people who care for those animals and the brand image of the manufacturers. Automatic representative sampling of animal food helps ensure quality and safety for both people and pets.

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Solids & Powder

Repair vs. Replace: Managing Your Hydrocarbon Plant's Sampling Equipment

Posted by Randy Cruse on 8/26/19 8:00 AM

Many industrial plants in the United States were built decades ago and were not expected to still be in operation. Yet many are still running today, well past their expected life span. Within these plants, hydrocarbon sampling systems and equipment are often overlooked, even as new technology and regulations demand more from them.

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Topics: Power, Hydrocarbon Processing, Solids & Powder, Liquid & Slurry, Gas