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Your Step-by-Step Video Guide to Installing an AutoVREL

Posted by George Buss on 4/5/21 8:00 AM


Power plants that frequently cycle or have sliding pressures often require technicians to adjust the variable pressure-reducing element manually. However, properly installing an automated flow controller helps alleviate this stress by automating sample flow.

Automate sample flow for safety and efficiency

The Sentry AutoVREL Flow Controller was developed to meet this need as an entry-level flow controller used in new or retrofit installations. It allows users to automate sample panels through a well-appointed device that controls sample panel flow based on feedback from a non-contact flow meter. With the AutoVREL “smart” function, the operator sets the desired sample flow, and the system automatically adjusts to changes in the sample pressure.

Benefits of an AutoVREL include: 

  • Provides quick response time during system startup
  • Can be field installed on existing sample panels
  • Simple to set and maintain the desired flow
  • Displays current valve position
  • Provides feedback to plant DCS via relay
  • Can be set to display actual flow and set flow
  • Allows for manual operation through a simple override

Proper installation of an AutoVREL is the first step in supporting plant safety and efficiency. Installation errors can cause equipment failure, unexpected downtime or rework. Installing an automated flow controller helps minimize errors when launching the sampling system.

A Visual guide to Autovrel installation

When installing automatic sampling equipment, IOMs and spec sheets can provide only so much information. A visual, hands-on training tool – such as an on-demand video – can help service personnel who need to install equipment. Training videos can be paused and replayed as many times as necessary to understand the correct installation techniques and best practices fully.

Plant staff can watch the following short, five-minute video to install and set up the Sentry AutoVREL properly. See one of Sentry’s expert technicians walk you step-by-step through the installation process.


Sentry is an expert in the proper installation and maintenance of AutoVREL flow controllers. Our service and support technicians can help troubleshoot any issues in the installation or maintenance processes.

Contact us at +1-262-567-7256 or complete our online contact form to discuss how Sentry automatic sampling systems can help you achieve safe, simple and accurate sampling results.

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Written by George Buss

Picture of George Buss
As one of our expert service technicians, George has been working on Sentry sampling products and systems since 2001. This means he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience with Sentry sampling equipment, and is happy to share his knowledge with customers looking to ensure their sampling equipment is working optimally and efficiently. In his spare time, George can be found fixing stuff and making it work (which also sounds a lot like work, doesn’t it?)