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Three steps to take to maintain your samplers

Posted by Paul Williams on 4/5/16 9:09 AM

Our cars wouldn’t run very well if we didn’t fill them with gasoline, change the motor oil, or conduct routine maintenance and repairs. In the same way, your facility’s sampling equipment needs regular preventative maintenance.

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How many sample cooler types does it take to meet your needs?

Posted by Rebecca Dinan Schneider on 10/28/15 10:00 AM

The answer currently is 154. The leading brand of sample coolers – Sentry – supplies more than 6,000 per year to customers around the globe.

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Four new ways to solve challenges in hydrocarbon liquid sampling

Posted by Rebecca Dinan Schneider on 7/8/15 10:00 AM

Today alone, the world will use more than 93 million barrels of oil and liquid fuels. That’s a lot of fuel that needs to undergo quality control at one or more points during refining. Automatic sampling provides a representative sample of hydrocarbon liquids – oils and liquid gas – so properties such as water content, weight and composition can be determined.  

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Sentry ISOLOK SAA sampler accurately samples marine oil sludge ratios

Posted by Rebecca Dinan Schneider on 6/10/15 10:00 AM

Container ships move products from China to ports all over the globe. Sludges containing oil and water gradually build up on any relatively large ship as a byproduct of its lubrication and fuel oils used in electrical generation machinery and the main propulsion engine. This oil sludge presents operators with issues of safe disposal in compliance with maritime environmental regulations.

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New product: Innovative Sentry No-E Double Cap allows NO emissions

Posted by Rebecca Dinan Schneider on 4/8/15 10:00 AM

New design further protects safety of operators and environment

In many industries, such as petrochemical, chemical and nuclear, lab personnel need to conduct liquid sampling for quality control and regulatory compliance. In such industries, process fluid and gases are volatile or could be harmful to the operator and the environment, or the process fluid can be dangerously altered through a chemical reaction when exposed to the atmosphere – so exposure must be avoided at all costs.

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Topics: Power, Chemical & Petrochemical, Liquid & Slurry

Double sampling validation meets regulatory compliance in hazardous environments

Posted by Rebecca Dinan Schneider on 3/11/15 10:00 AM

Manufacturing and quality control engineers across a variety of industries are faced with the daily challenge of maintaining regulatory compliance using questionable sample analysis results. This is especially true for pharmaceutical and other production environments where industrial waste volumes must be accurately characterized. Standard sampling practices, such as taking a repeatable sample from a good location, are just not enough for complete confidence in these environments.

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