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Sentry Equipment featured in Manufacturing Today magazine

Posted by Krista Drager on 8/24/16 8:30 AM

Sentry Equipment plays an essential role in the operations of its customers. “We are a manufacturer that helps other manufacturers improve their processes,” explains Rick Steinke, Sentry Equipment VP of Operations.

Steinke’s broad statement sums up the essence of the company’s pivotal role in providing representative sampling solutions for a variety of industries, including power generation, oil & gas, food & beverage, chemical & petrochemical, cement, mining and pharmaceutical.

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How Sentry Equipment created an amazing workplace

Posted by Krista Drager on 8/17/16 8:04 AM

Sentry Equipment HR VP Sherri McDermott captured the importance of our corporate culture in one concise statement: “This is a great company largely because it’s our company.” Her 30-year tenure is a testament to how employee-ownership attracts talented, dedicated employees and reinforces the forward thinking vision of owners Dick and Mary Henszey.

In 1986, the Henszeys decided to transfer ownership from a privately owned business to an employee-owned business because, as Mary stated at the time, “Cooperation and teamwork will determine the future of Sentry Equipment… we’re betting on you, the people who are here now, and your successors.”

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Safe chemical container sampling with low-emission thief sampler

Posted by John Schadt on 8/10/16 1:23 PM

Chemical companies often need to use hydrogen peroxide and solvent for synthesis and purification processes. To verify quality and integrity of these chemicals, they need to sample and analyze them. These samples can be obtained directly from intermediate bulk container (IBC) loading or unloading stations. IBC are stackable, reusable industrial containers that can safely and efficiently store and transport liquids and solid granules, including chemicals, food ingredients, solvents or pharmaceuticals.

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Topics: Chemical & Petrochemical

Time stamp your samples for effective process correlation

Posted by Kevin Kirst on 8/3/16 7:30 AM


Running a safe, efficient operation requires analysis of controlled, real-time data obtained through representative sampling within a process. Nowhere is obtaining that data more critical than within a refinery, chemical or petrochemical plant. 

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Topics: Chemical & Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

Tips for selecting the right specialty heat exchanger for your application

Posted by Brian Winkelman on 7/27/16 9:30 AM


Heat exchangers are used in a variety of industries to transfer heat from one medium to another. They can heat within a process, and may be used to cool a liquid, vapor or gas (referred to as a fluid within this article) representative sample to make it safe to handle or transfer.

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Collecting your food & beverage samples to meet quality assurance lab standards

Posted by AJ Naber on 7/21/16 1:27 PM

In any industry, quality assurance testing and analytical data is only as good as the sample tested. Hand sampling poses challenges for food and beverage manufacturers that can skew testing results and introduce food safety concerns that put products, operators and consumers at risk.

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Topics: Food & Beverage

How oil & gas refineries can improve sampling accuracy

Posted by Israel Gamboa on 7/13/16 9:10 AM

Ideally, sampling in an oil and gas refinery should be easy for engineers to design and implement, safe for operators, and provide exactly what’s needed at the lab for quality assurance testing.

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Topics: Chemical & Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

How to automate continuous sample flow at a cycling plant

Posted by Brad Taylor on 7/6/16 8:39 AM

As the power generation market continues to dealing with large swings in power demand, the need for plant cycling has grown.

However, within a cycling plant, the need remains to obtain representative samples to control process. The three most important variables of steam and water sampling are to control temperature, pressure and flow rate.

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No such thing as a free lunch: The real cost of manual food and beverage sampling methods

Posted by AJ Naber on 6/28/16 7:00 AM

Hand scoop sampling long has been commonplace with bulk material producers and processors within the food and beverage industry.  This convenient and low-cost manual method is widely accepted as a standard operating procedure. Final product sampling also is regarded as being easy and reliable – the product is a random representation of the lot and is already contained and ready for the lab. However, scoop sampling and final product sampling, which seem to be a “free lunch” in not adding costs, can be problematic and certainly not free.

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Topics: Food & Beverage

Why global manufacturers should align with internationally certified suppliers

Posted by Dan Quigley on 6/23/16 7:00 AM

As companies continue to find ways to compete globally, they are expanding their worldwide reach. Operating manufacturing plants in various countries can result in a distinct competitive advantage. However, if you are working with suppliers that are not aware of and do not meet international certifications in operations and materials, delays and product rework could cost you that competitive edge.

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